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Zuckerberg: The Best is Yet to Come to Facebook

Zuckerberg: The Best is Yet to Come to Facebook


Zuckerberg: The Best is Yet to Come to Facebook

The past decade of Facebook has been ‘an amazing journey’ for Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of the biggest social networking site in the world. The Website has turned 10 years old last February 4. The celebration has been low-key so far, but many users appreciate the way the site focuses more on looking back at how Facebook made a difference in the last 10 years.

Mr. Zuckerberg posted his thoughts about this milestone in his own Facebook profile. He began his post by stating how grateful he is to be a part of the social network. The 29-year-old CEO somehow disclosed a secret behind the company’s success. He said that Facebook has just cared about connecting people around the world to everyone else. He reiterated that up to this day, that is still the main thrust of the Website.

Next decade

The controversial executive could not help himself in expressing how even more excited he is for the next 10 years of Facebook. In the same Facebook post, Mr. Zuckerberg underlined that the past 10 years of the online site was about ‘bootstrapping’ the network. He added that now that the company has the necessary resources, it would further help users solve their main problems.

There is one promising vision of the executive for the future. Mr. Zuckerberg hopes that in the coming decade, social networks would be able to finally help users answer their persistent questions. The sites could and should also help solve complex problems.

Facebook’s own page had a briefer and more direct message to all users for its 10th anniversary. The Website simply thanked all of its members and readers. It commended every Facebook user for posting their stories, photographs, and memories in the online site.

Anniversary feature for all users 

In case you are wondering, part of Facebook’s 10th anniversary celebration is the rollout of a special feature that enables users to instantly create and post their own ‘Look Back’ video. The video production feature is now much talked about by all Facebook users around the world.

Facebook now has about 1.23 billion members and/or users from all across the world. This is why the Website has become among the biggest technology companies today. For many observers and analysts, Facebook has just one striking feature that could have helped it obtain its current stature—innovation.  

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