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Zuckerberg and Wife Donates $120 Million to San Francisco Schools

Zuckerberg and Wife Donates $120 Million to San Francisco Schools


Zuckerberg and Wife Donates $120 Million to San Francisco Schools

Zuckerberg and Wife Donates $120 Million to San Francisco SchoolsFacebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg definitely knows how to give back. The popular founder of the most popular social networking site, together with his wife Priscilla Chan, has pledged to donate $120 million to provide funding for educational efforts in certain underserved communities in the San Francisco Bay Area in California.

The couple has made the announcement recently. The latest pledged donation from the, would be their biggest allocation of funds for local beneficiaries through the Silicon Valley Community Foundation. They previously made two major donations to the same community: the first was 18 million shares of stock in Facebook in 2012 and the second was the same provision last year. In total, Facebook has already donated up to $1.5 billion to the schools in the community.

Donation to California schools

In a statement, Zuckerberg said they are giving away $120 million through the company’s ‘Startup: Education’ fund. Within the next five years, the Zuckerbergs will be giving educators the necessary resources for innovation in the basic classroom practices. The couple has always intended to provide benefits to students residing within underserved communities.

According to sources, $5 million would be allocated to the local school districts in Ravenswood, San Francisco, and Redwood City. The grant would help schools in the area to buy new PCs and train parents and teachers about the best possible ways for integration of technology into actual classroom experience.

The donated fund would also facilitate leadership opportunities for students, leadership training for their principals, and more transitions for movement from middle school to high school.

More careful now

The couple reportedly personally chose the particular school districts. The Zuckerbergs obviously noted the reports on proficiency of students in English language arts and math based on the students’ recent state tests. As of press time, it is yet to determine which particular schools in those communities would be able to get the grant.

The couple also worked with their own foundation to determine the areas where the issues have to be urgently addressed soon. Their foundation is called ‘Startup: Education.’

It should also be noted that the couple is now more careful in making donations. That is because they were criticized recently for making a $100 million donation in Newark public school system in New Jersey. The fund was allegedly misspent on unnecessarily overpriced consultants and contractors.

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