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Zimbabwe Leader Will Ask Obama’s Hand In Marriage

Zimbabwe Leader Will Ask Obama’s Hand In Marriage
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Zimbabwe Leader Will Ask Obama’s Hand In Marriage

Zimbabwe leader Robert Mugabe will travel to Washington and ask U.S. president Barack Obama’s hand in marriage. Mugabe said this is a scathing ridicule of the legalization of same-sex marriage in the U.S. The mockery comes before Mr Obama is scheduled to travel to Kenya and Ethiopia on July 25.

‘Will you marry me?’

“I’ve just concluded since President Obama endorses the same-sex marriage, advocates homosexual people and enjoys an attractive countenance thus if it becomes necessary, I shall travel to Washington, D.C., get down on my knee, and ask his [Obama’s] hand,” Mr Mugabe was quoted as saying by New Zimbabwe. Mugabe added that the U.S. government is being run by perverts and Satan-worshipers.

“I can’t understand how this people dare to defy Christ’s explicit orders as our Lord prohibited mankind from sodomy,” Mugabe said. Mugabe was also quoted as saying that homosexuals are “worse than pigs and dogs.”

There is a strong disdain to the landmark Supreme Court decision among African leaders as they fear that many African homosexuals will now find courage to go against African anti-gay laws. The disdain is also rooted as the White House is actively promoting gay rights in Africa.

Simon Khaya-Moyo, a spokesman for Mugabe’s ruling ZANU-PF party, said same sex marriage is an insult to God. “It’s taboo. We don’t even talk about it here. Even animals know which is female and which is male. Why should we not be able to know who is female, who is male? It is an insult to God,” Khaya-Moyo told Reuters.

Medard Bitekyerezo, an Ugandan politician who has pushed for tough anti-gay laws, said America has started its descend to a Sodom and Gomorrah society.

“The U.S. Supreme Court’s declaration shows the West has become totally disoriented and descended into a Sodom and Gomorrah society. But that’s their business – they can’t impose it on us.”

African homosexuals descend into hiding

Members of the African LGBT community have chosen to hide their true selves in fear of persecution. The majority of Africans also object to homosexual relations. Reuter’s telephone survey of 1,000 people in Nigeria revealed that 87 percent of the people do not support homosexual relationships. In fact, those who were interviewed believed that gays should be punished in pursuance of a 2014 law that imposes a punishment of 14 years in prison against homosexuals.

Nevertheless, African gay activists remained hopeful that Mr Obama’s travel to Kenya and Ethiopia will somehow alleviate the situation for the LGBT community. “Our viewpoint is that President Obama is free to talk about LGBT equality in Kenya,” said Eric Gitari, head of the east African country’s National Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission.


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