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Zika Virus US News: Florida Sex Ban Due To Outbreak, Tours Canceled

Zika Virus US News: Florida Sex Ban Due To Outbreak, Tours Canceled
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Zika Virus US News: Florida Sex Ban Due To Outbreak, Tours Canceled

The government has advised British holidaymakers in Florida to avoid unprotected sex due to risk of contracting the Zika virus.

Almost 50,000 British tourists in Florida have been asked to be cautious for the rest of their summer holidays. There was an outbreak of four mosquito-transmitted cases yesterday in Florida. This made Public Health England (PHE) to advise pregnant women to postpone non-essential travel to the U.S. state, said the Daily Mail.

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Florida’s risk level had been upgraded to “moderate” by Public Health England. The four people who contracted the virus in the state had not visited any hotspots nor had indulged in unprotected sex with a patient.

Mothers-to-be are being offered the chance to re-book their trips elsewhere or get a refund, a step taken by many tour operators.

Among the issues, discounts of up to 40 percent are provided to people who still wish to travel to Florida, despite the risks involved. This is done to fill hotel rooms and flights used by 1.7 million Britons last year.

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British tourists in Florida are also asked not to indulge in sexual intercourse without a condom for eight weeks. This is due to the presence of the virus.

Even if neither partner has symptoms, and despite zero chances of pregnancy, tourists must follow the guidelines to avoid contraction.

Similar guidelines have been given to Andy Murray and other members of the British Olympic team who will be traveling to Rio, said the Telegraph.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated that this year, the Zika virus could have an impact on up to 10,000 pregnant women in Puerto Rico. This would put hundreds of babies at risk because of birth defects.

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