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Zika Virus US Map: Hot Spots Show 1,650 Cases In USA

Zika Virus US Map: Hot Spots Show 1,650 Cases In USA
A Human Vaccine for the Zika Virus May Be Coming Sooner Than You Think Department of Defense / YouTube


Zika Virus US Map: Hot Spots Show 1,650 Cases In USA

Latest revelations regarding the Zika virus include a map released by two Asheville firms that identifies virus hot spots. The map locates areas that have perfect ecological conditions to favor the chief transmitting mosquito to spread Zika virus.

According to WRAL TechWire, information from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration serves as the major basis for the map. The publication reports that several zones of North Carolina’s coast have been marked as potential hot zones in the first version of the map.

It has been reported that more than 1,650 cases of Zika were identified in the states of the U.S. It was also confirmed that almost all cases involve the patient visiting a country with the Zika outbreak. Sexual intercourse with someone infected is also another cause.

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“The fast spreading nature of this virus and the potential impact on public health make it important for people to be aware of the risks in their neighborhood and take the necessary precautions,” said the president of CASE Consultants International, Marjorie McGuirk.

CASE Consultants International is the company that developed the map along with FernLeaf Interactive. The map can be viewed at It will be updated with new information when it becomes available.

On the other hand, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention authorized an advisory for a particular Miami neighborhood. The advisory is about putting a de facto quarantine for pregnant women.

Officials stated that the Wynwood neighborhood in Miami is an area where Zika virus is contracted from local mosquitoes bites. According to WFTV, anyone in the Wynwood neighborhood after June 16 must follow the advisory. The CDC advisory insisted that pregnant women must not travel to this area. It also said that pregnant women and their partners in the area should take added precautions to prevent mosquito bites.

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