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ZEB-VR Headset: Zebronics VR Headset For Smartphones

ZEB-VR Headset: Zebronics VR Headset For Smartphones
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ZEB-VR Headset: Zebronics VR Headset For Smartphones

India’s leading IT peripherals supplier, Zebronics has joined the virtual reality foray with its own VR headset for smartphones. The brand, which is also a leading supplier of audio/video and surveillance products, has unveiled the product and dubbed it the ZEB-VR headset.

The ZEB-VR headset brings in an immersive experience in a three-dimensional world. It can be used for gaming, immersive apps, as well as for viewing educational and medical content. It comes weighing 103 grams in black color with blue rims. It has a thick memory foam padding for the user’s comfort so that they can enjoy playing games and/or watching movies for a long time, reports TechVorm.

The Zebronics VR headsets feature a pair of lenses that has interpupillary distance and focus adjustment that works by measuring the screen size of the smartphone. Its headset mount which is soft cushioned comes with a magnetic lock that has an adjustable front cover which in turn keeps the smartphone in place in front or well aligned with the lenses.

The first VR investment of Zebronics comes with a magnet toggle switch which enables the user to interact with the smartphone VR app. Its ring is made out of a rare earth metal neodymium and the disc is made out of ceramic.

The ZEB-VR headset can be mounted on the user’s head using the elastic harness/straps on the back of the headset. It can work with any smartphone as long as the user also has the matching app in their device to make it work, reports The Times of India.

Additionally, according to Phone Arena, the headset’s powerful magnetic trigger is compatible with Google cardboard. It has a reserve perspective window for AR or camera shooting purposes It also comes with 360 degree panoramic views for games, videos and images.

It is compatible to phones that have the size of 11.43 cm to 15.24 cm or 4.5-inches to 6-inches. It is currently priced at 1,600 INR and is exclusively available only on Snapdeal with an offer price of 1,375. Currently the headsets are launched for the Indian markets only. There is no word whether it will be making any debut outside the said country.

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