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Signs of Approval? Zayn Malik’s Whole Family Attended Gigi Hadid’s Birthday Party

Signs of Approval? Zayn Malik’s Whole Family Attended Gigi Hadid’s Birthday Party
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Signs of Approval? Zayn Malik’s Whole Family Attended Gigi Hadid’s Birthday Party

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid took their romance to the next level. When Hadid celebrated her 21st birthday, Zayn’s family were present at the celebration.

As stated by Mirror magazine, the former member of the boy band One Direction hit on his Instagram account and posted a black and white photo of him, his sisters and their mother. Zayn captioned the post, “Chillin with the fam.” But, the post of Zayn wa closely followed by one of Gigi’s Instagram posts that showed Gigi along with sister Bella Hadid and Zayn.

The supermodel later posted a photo of a rocky shoreline with Bella, far off in the distance and captioned the picture with “best birthday.”

A source said that, “Zayn showered the supermodel with flowers and presents for her birthday. Zayn was very thoughtful with what presents he got Gigi.” The source also said, “Gigi really wanted to see Zayn on her special day and he made it happen. Zayn and Gigi had a few hours of alone time.”

According to Pop Sugar, Gigi’s parents also greeted her on social media.

Her birthday or not, Malik has been showering Hadid with love and care. As E Online reported, before Gigi celebrated her birthday with her boyfriend, the model took a trip to Coachella on a private plane with the famous American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift and Scottish DJ boyfriend Calvin Harris.

The English singer and songwriter started having a romantic attachment with the supermodel late last year and seem to be really in love. So much so that Hadid’s former sweetheart, the American singer Joe Jonas, was reportedly surprised Gigi moved on so quickly after their relationship went down the drain. “I think it’s interesting that Gigi Hadid moved on so quickly, I mean it was definitely very quick,” he allegedly said, as reported by The Sun UK.

Joe dated Hadid for five months before they broke up in November last year.

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