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Zayn Malik Withdraws From One Direction Tour

Zayn Malik Withdraws From One Direction Tour
One Direction Eva Rinaldi / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0


Zayn Malik Withdraws From One Direction Tour

One Direction

Image from Flickr by Eva Rinaldi

Fans of One Direction have expressed disappointment on social media after it was announced that Zayn Malik is taking a break from the band’s tour.

The announcement was made by the band’s rep on Thursday.

A source told People that Malik “is exhausted and just needs a break,” further saying that among all the members of One Direction, he has always been the one under constant attention.

“He can’t cope with the level of scrutiny he gets put under. He’s just 22.”

Rumors have surfaced regarding the real reason behind Malik’s departure, with various sources pointing to his current controversy with fiancé Perrie Edwards.

Photos showing Malik holding hands with a female fan surfaced online. Zayn fired back at the controversy with a tweet.

Another issue surrounding the group, and also a possible reason for Malik’s premature exit, involved bonds costing $5,000 each the band has to pay before they can perform in the Philippines.

The required bond was imposed based on a leaked video showing Malik and fellow band member Tomlinson allegedly smoking marijuana.


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Bureau of Immigration (BI) spokesperson Elaine Tan said, as quoted by the Inquirer, “The band will be prevented from performing during the scheduled concert dates should the producer fail to post the cash bond prior to those dates.”

The band, minus Zayn Malik, is scheduled to perform in the Philippines on March 21 and 22 at the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds.

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