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Zayn Malik Sex Video: The Truth Revealed

Zayn Malik Sex Video: The Truth Revealed
Zayn Malik Eva Rinaldi / Flickr CC

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Zayn Malik Sex Video: The Truth Revealed

The internet went crazy when Zayn Malik allegedly appeared in a scandalous sex video “giving head” to an unidentified guy. What is the truth behind this?

Before Tuesday ends, One Direction fans positively exploded on Twitter when a video of a guy who looked a lot like former member Zayn Malik performing a sexual act went viral on the Internet.

Could this really be the former One Direction member, or just anyone who has a strong semblance of him? Is the “Pillowtalk” singer gay?

Whether it was him or not, the hashtag #GottaZayn has immediately become a trending topic online, especially since it is a known fact that he is currently dating supermodel Gigi Hadid.

On Twitter, fans have different reactions over the video of a guy, some claiming this impossible, while some just feel affronted with what flashed before them.

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“My first mistake was trying to figure out why #GottaZayn was trending… Now I’m just trying to forget what I saw,” one fan wrote, while another commented, “The #GottaZayn tag is so ugly. Most people knew that wasn’t him, but still felt the need to spread it around so much that it made headlines.”

As clarified by Perez Hilton, it was obvious that the guy is not Zayn Malik but only a look-alike.

The American entertainment blogger pointed out that one major reason why he does not believe that it was the 23-year-old singer in the video was the placement of tattoos of the guy-in-question.

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Accordingly, the guy’s inks do not match to those of Zayn Malik’s.

Meanwhile, Perez Hilton explained the significant of the hashtag used in the sex video.

Citing the Urban Dictionary, #GottaZayn means “’gotta go,’ or ‘gotta leave,’ because of the singer’s premature departure from 1D.”

It means upon seeing the very explicit video, people cannot wait to go, go far away from their computers as much as possible.

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