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Zayn Malik Shares Nasty Meme About Gigi Hadid, Fans Disgusted

Zayn Malik Shares Nasty Meme About Gigi Hadid, Fans Disgusted
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Zayn Malik Shares Nasty Meme About Gigi Hadid, Fans Disgusted

Zayn Malik’s boyfriend capacity is being questioned. The former One Direction member recently retweeted a meme of “playing with his d*ck” that showed his girlfriend Gigi Hadid. Now, that is too much to take for fans.

Zayn was in fun mood on Twitter on 14th April.  A fan made a sexually explocit tweet of Zayn and Gigi’s sex life, Hollywood Life pointed. It mentioned, “guess who gets to play with zayns d*ck,” It came with a gif of Hadid pointing at her face. Instead of becoming angry, Zayn retweeted it!

Zayn not only retweeted the statement but also added emojis showing he was having fun with it. The tongue-out emoji says it all for the star. While it may seem to be funny for Zayn it is not sure how much his girlfriend Gigi, 20, liked it.

His fans though wanted him to delete the post and also responded angrily to the whole thing. They bombarded the star with some more memes, Mirror reported.

While the two are usually generous in sharing details of their relationship with fans, fans are not too keen to know more about their sex lives. Fans have nothing against the couple but to be privy to their sex life is a little too much, as can be seen by the reactions of their fans to this meme.

This is not the first time Zayn Malik joked about sex through his social media account. Previously a fan tweeted, “@zaynmalik i am so thankful for your parents not wearing a condom,” to which the singer responded, “Me too babe, me too.”

While Gigi Hadid was not available to comment on the whole matter, we suppose she would make it a point to discuss. We are here to let you know if something more comes up.

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