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Zach LaVine Wins NBA All-Star Sprite Slam Dunk

Zach LaVine Wins NBA All-Star Sprite Slam Dunk


Zach LaVine Wins NBA All-Star Sprite Slam Dunk

Nineteen-year-old Timberwolves rookie,  Zach LaVine, won the Sprite Slam Dunk contest with a score of 50 in the opening round, another 50 from Hall of fame judges during the second round and 45 for the final round.

He now became the second-youngest champion in the story of the NBA All-Star slam dunk contest, next to Kobe Bryant who was 18 when he won the contest.

Michael Jordan Jersey From Space Jam

LaVine had also become the first Timberwolves player to win the slam dunk contest again in more than 20 years, after Isaiah Rider. He had also become the first to do multiple dunks in six years, after Dwight Howard.

LaVine played wearing a No.23 Michael Jordan jersey from the movie space jam. Asked why he wore it, LaVine said he wanted to do something different.

“You can’t go wrong with Jordan, I guess. The greatest player ever and one of the best movies. That was one of my childhood idols, childhood favorite movies. I thought it would be something creative,” LaVine said as quoted by the official website for the NBA.

LaVine On Cloud Nine

Asked about the trophy he went home with, LaVine said he was still on cloud nine and still feels like he was dreaming.

“Seeing all the dunk contests and people hoisting the trophy, I just saw myself do it and lived it, so it’s a dream come true. I’m glad my family is here to witness and go through it,” LaVine marveled.


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