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YU Yunicorn: New Android Smartphone Performance, Rating and Success

YU Yunicorn: New Android Smartphone Performance, Rating and Success


YU Yunicorn: New Android Smartphone Performance, Rating and Success

YU Yunicorn joins the range of Android smartphones on the market, which offers a new UI apart from the stock Android and Cyanogen OS. According to reviews, the Android device comes with a modified system with AOS ROM which looks more like Android on steroids. Is it a success?

YU Yunicorn Pros and Cons

As with other operating systems and mobile phones, people cannot expect the YU Yunicorn to be flawless or perfect. It does have its glitches, but the user experience it provides should be well worth it as with other options around.

According to Gizmo Times, the device offers some pros and cons. For some of the pros, these include: good build quality and design, decent display quality, excellent WiFi reception, MicroSD card support, 4GB RAM and great fingerprint scanner.

As for the cons, these include: not so excellent 4G network reception, heavy gaming not easily handled, bad camera quality, heavy 4G or gaming heats up the phone, no dedicated slot in relation to MicroSD card support and steroid launcher crashing. The appeal of the device still depends largely on the preferences of the users but the basics are thus far laid out.

Yunicorn’s Success

As for the actual success, that remains to be seen. Yu had a good run in 2015 since it redefined the market and phones. As Yu tries to go back to the basics with the Yunicorn offering, it may have to face a bit of a challenge when it comes to selling online but there is still hope offline, according to India Today. It may not be as successful as Android devices like Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 and Moto G4 Plus but it does offer a good-looking build.

As the report noted: “For all intent and purposes, the Yunicorn is the best built phone Yu has released so far. Its finishing has none of the blemishes that afflicted the Yutopia.”

However it also noted: “If the design is the best part of the Yunicorn, then imaging performance is the worst, even after the software update the company pushed out to improve the performance of the camera.”

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