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Youtuber Lilly Singh As Wonder Woman Raps To Win Against Stevie Wonder [Watch]

Youtuber Lilly Singh As Wonder Woman Raps To Win Against Stevie Wonder [Watch]
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Youtuber Lilly Singh As Wonder Woman Raps To Win Against Stevie Wonder [Watch]

Internet celebrity Lilly Singh is mostly addressed as Superwoman among fans rather than her real name. However, it looks like she will soon be known as Wonder Woman in the internet as well.

Youtuber Lilly Singh has finally proven that she is more than a Superwoman. In a recent YouTube video, the internet celebrity has revealed her new on screen character as Wonder Woman.

Stevie Wonder rap lyrics mocks Wonder Woman independence

Rather than revealing the might of Wonder Woman through violence, Lilly Singh decided to unveil the power of Wonder Woman via modern singing a.k.a rap. Moreover, she decided to battle with one of the best musician as well.

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In a video created by ERB (Epic Rap Battles), Wonder Woman played by Lilly Singh and Stevie Wonder by T-Pain battle each other with rap lyrics. Fans can check out the video below.

While Lilly Singh’s rap verses as Wonder Woman left Stevie Wonder roasted in several moments, the musician’s rebuttal was as brutal as fans expected. Eventually, the winner can only be decided by the users on YouTube in the comment section.

Superwoman fans would be aware that this isn’t first time the Youtuber has rapped in a video. Over the years in her YouTube career, the internet celebrity has created many versions of rap videos.

Lilly Singh Dominates T-Pain In Rap Battle?

Lilly Singh’s videos like “Clean Up Anthem” have managed to go viral receiving more than 7 Million views on YouTube. Currently, her channel “Superwoman” has over 10 Million subscribers and still continues to grow.

T-Pain recently produced a new song with Dan Bilzerian Ft. Lil Yachty. The song is currently available for listening on soundcloud.

The rap battle song is also available for purchase on iTunes. The song has been titled as Stevie Wonder vs. Wonder Woman. The song has been priced at $1.29 on iTunes store. Fans can click here or check out the video description on YouTube.

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