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YouTube Could Throw TV Out Of Business With New Streaming Service

YouTube Could Throw TV Out Of Business With New Streaming Service
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YouTube Could Throw TV Out Of Business With New Streaming Service

YouTube will soon be setting foot in the world of online TV. According to reports from Bloomberg, the Google-owned company is on the verge of launching a pay-to-view online TV subscription called Unplugged. The streaming service will provide a package of traditional TV channels networked through the internet.

Reports suggest that YouTube has been developing the new technology since 2012. However, recent announcements from rivals like Hulu revealed their plans to enter the internet realm of streaming. Other companies like Sony and Dish are also working on internet streaming devices; the race has forced YouTube to move up its plans. Recent goals involve revealing Unplugged in 2017.

YouTube is currently trying to break a deal with major content providers like Viacom, Comcast, CBS, NBCUniversal and Twenty-First Century Fox. However, reports say that the executives still haven’t formed a deal. Although plans are still in the early stages, Bloomberg reported that YouTube could be pricing Unplugged under a monthly fee of $35.

YouTube is also planning on releasing a “theme,” which includes extra TV channels along with the primary bundle.  The add-on channels will be categories that appeal to kids and channels that belong to sports or news sectors. The report also suggests that a minimal fee will be collected along with the package price for additional content. If Google succeeds in acquiring a number of consumers for the online service, it could initially inspire other TV channels to get on board.

Judging by the announcements made so far, we can predict that 2017 will be the year for streaming devices, as the tech companies compete to produce the best online TV for consumers. It also hints a major decline of the traditional TV industry. However, most of the mainstream TV channels still haven’t decided to get on board. This could possibly delay plans for the company to release the product. Only time will tell.

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