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YouTube Gets a Mini-Makeover

YouTube Gets a Mini-Makeover


YouTube Gets a Mini-Makeover

Have you noticed some changes to the layout of YouTube when you checked out its Webpage today? There is no need to get surprised. Your favorite video-sharing Website keeps on evolving to make itself better and better.

The Google-owned online site has recently adopted a mini-makeover. The most noticeable changes are the tweaks on the layout as well as on the playlists. It is still the same YouTube you love but with a few adjustments to cope with the times.

In a statement, Yining Zhao, YouTuve Web developer, said the way things run at YouTube keeps on changing to keep up with the changing needs and preferences of users. In a blog post, he said that these changes are aimed at making it much easier for users to find what they want to watch on the Website. It would also make it possible to collect playlists and watch those over and over again.

New layout and features

The refreshed layout now looks centered instead of pushed to the left side of the screen, like what we have been used to seeing as YouTube users. This change was obviously done to make the Webpage look and feel more consistent with the YouTube mobile apps.

Users would be instantly taken to the page ‘What to Watch’ upon getting into the Website. There, users would see the latest videos from their subscribed video channels. There are even popular as well as recommended videos.

More new features

The sidebar menu was not eliminated, though. Thus, users could still view it and check out playlists and subscriptions through it. There is a ‘guide’ button placed adjacent to the YouTube logo positioned at the top left corner of the Webpage screen. This guide contains playlists that were previously created, along with playlists from several other channels.

When a user creates a playlist, he would see a new Webpage that would make editing much easier. Every user should also find it easier to look for and find playlists on various channel pages. When a channel page is visited, there would be a new link located at the top. This would contain lists of playlists.

It is noticeable that the new layout changes come a few weeks after Google named a new YouTube head. Earlier this month, the giant technology firm announced that long-time executive Susan Wojcicki is the new boss at the video-sharing site. 

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