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REPORT: Young Justice: Apokolips Army, Steppenwolf And Darkseid Possibility In Series

REPORT: Young Justice: Apokolips Army, Steppenwolf And Darkseid Possibility In Series
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REPORT: Young Justice: Apokolips Army, Steppenwolf And Darkseid Possibility In Series

Recently DC Entertainment’s animated TV series Young Justice was finally approved for a renewal with season 3. Since its announcement, fans have been expecting  news on new characters for supervillains for the show.

In Young Justice Season 2 finale, it was teasingly revealed that Darkseid could be the next villain in the series. Moreover, it also unveiled that Vandal Savage and The Light have been associated with the New Gods as well.

Young Justice Likely To Fight Parademons in Season 3?

During an exclusive interview with Artist Todd Nauck, MNU was able to interact with him and talk about Young Justice. During the interview, it was revealed that the creators had “plans up to season 5, so they have everything ready to go. They just needed Warner Brothers to give the approval.”

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Nauck also mentioned about the season 2 ending and discussed about the possibility of Darkseid. Although the artist wasn’t aware about details on  supervillain casting in season 3, it’s likely that the creators have plan to bring in more villains from other Apokolips.

The cliffhanger of Darkseid in season 2 also teases the possibility of Parademons and Steppenwolf to invade Earth in Young Justice Season 3.

Vandal Savage And The Light Introduces The New Gods To Series?

If the creators decide to keep Darkseid at bay in season 3, the character could appear in the upcoming seasons.

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Currently, Warner Bros. has revealed the exact release date of Young Justice Season 3. However, fans can expect the production to progress faster than expected as its likely that the script is ready judging Nauck’s statement.

Young Justice Season 1 and 2 are currently available in Netflix. There were speculations that Netflix is associated with the animated TV series. However, there has been no confirmation on the news.

If Netflix associates itself with Young Justice, fans can likely expect all the episodes of Season 3 to be released together.

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