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‘Young & Hungry’ Season 3 Finale Recap: Josh And Gabi Still Playing Games

‘Young & Hungry’ Season 3 Finale Recap: Josh And Gabi Still Playing Games
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‘Young & Hungry’ Season 3 Finale Recap: Josh And Gabi Still Playing Games

“Young & Hungry” season 3 finale just aired and left fans with more burning questions than ever. The fate of Josh and Gabi’s relationship is still in a limbo.

The scorching question ere depends on whether the two will make it or break it. Josh, who is going through his therapy, finds it difficult to digest that Gabi is dating other men, The Futon Critic reported. Gabi on the other hand is trying to find what she really wants. She is confused if she wants to wait some more or move on. The finale episode did not find a proper answer to the question yet.

Gabi is wondering if she should pursue anything with Josh, who suffered from commitment issues before and does not want to move a step ahead. While going through therapy, Josh goes through several realizations and considers ending the sessions. However, complicating matters is Josh kissing his therapist in a previous episode. His therapist even purchased a ticket to Australia to accompany him.

Gabi, the central character of the “Young & Hungry” season 3, chose to register on a dating website and instantly got 48 dating requests. She chooses a guy to date but he turned out to be creepy. The system of going back and forth in the relationship is quite frustrating.

While Gabi and Josh’s relationship is centered on “Young & Hungry” season 3 finale, the relationship of Elliot and Alan also took some interesting turns. The duo decided to have one last attempt at another honeymoon.

“Young & Hungry” season 3 finale spoilers hinted towards a better result of the relationship, but the same cycle continued. Josh and Gabi are trying to make things work for three seasons now but they never seemed to be on the same page, Hidden Remote pointed. Season 4 better give some satisfying developments.

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