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Young Girl Saves Her Sister From A Carjacker

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Young Girl Saves Her Sister From A Carjacker

A car accident in Virginia nearly ended in a possible kidnapping. Luckily, one brave 12-year-old girl stepped in to save the day.

Brandie Weiler was driving along Virginia on Saturday when she saw a car accident. Weiler was her two daughters, 12-year-old Maddie and seven-year-old Mollie. They were making their way to Busch Gardens when they saw two cars crash into each other. Seeing this, Weiler decided to pull over in order help some of the victims. Weiler rushed to call 911 for help. And as she did, she saw a man make her way to her van. Weiler was alarmed since her two girls were still inside.

“I could see him going towards the van, and I’m screaming” Weiler recalled to Q13 Fox. The man was later identified as Paul Salsman. As he got to Weiler’s van, he stuck his hand inside the car and unlocked it to climb in. “He was saying all these things like, ‘Let’s go’ and ‘I need to get to this place’,” Maddie recalled.

That’s when Maddie realized it was up to her to save herself and her little sister. One of the first things she did was put the car’s transmission in drive. Maddie knew that this way, the engine could not start and Salsman could not drive the van away with them inside. After that, Maddie went into defense mode.

Maddie fought to stop carjacker from taking them.

Without any regard for her own safety, she started to punch Salsman as she continued to scream for help. She fought back enough to allow her sister Mollie to climb out of the vehicle safely. ” Once I saw Mollie out [of the car], I yelled for Maddie to get out. She was too busy beating the guy to realize that her sister was out,” Weiler recalled.

Following the incident, In Time reports that Maddie had ended up fracturing her wrist. Other than that, however, Maddie and Mollie are both fine. The girls’ father Steven believes it was Maddie’s quick thinking that saved both of their lives.

According to the Williamsburg Yorktown Daily, Salsman has already been arrested and charged with three felony counts of attempted carjacking. He is also being charged with one count of felony hit and run and a misdemeanor count of driving under the influence of drugs.

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