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Young Girl Aims Gun At IS Fighters In Video, Says She Has Killed 400

Young Girl Aims Gun At IS Fighters In Video, Says She Has Killed 400
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Young Girl Aims Gun At IS Fighters In Video, Says She Has Killed 400

A video that went viral features a young girl in pink sweater and sneakers leaning on a machine gun considerably larger than her. This girl, talking to an adult who is possibly her father, says in a Kurdish dialect local to Sulaymaniyah in northern Iraq that she is shooting at Daesh, or the ad-Dawlah al-Islāmiyah fīl-ʿIrāq wash-Shām.

When asked by the man how many Islamic State fighters she has killed, she answers, “Four hundred.”

In the next scene, she leans and places both hands on the gun then fires a round of bullets towards the desert. The man encourages the little girl as she continues shooting, saying, “Kill! Kill!”

The video first appeared on a Facebook page featuring other pro-Kurdish videos. Soon thereafter, it surfaced on a YouTube channel called Kurdish YPG.

YPG is the People’s Protection Units, an armed wing of the Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) in Syrian Kurdistan.

The channel also has several other videos about Kurdish female fighters battling the IS.

According to BBC, Hiwa Osman, an analyst, says that the video of the girl is not indicative of a new strategy adopted to fight the IS.

He said, “I think this is an isolated incident.

“I haven’t seen other videos such as this – the most militarised pictures I’ve seen are of children dressing in the clothes of the Peshmerga [Iraqi Kurdistan fighters] for celebrations.”

Moreover, neither does the video feature IS opponents nor does the girl or the individual urging her seem under threat of potential danger. Ruwayda Mustafah, a British Kurdish blogger, highlights this point, saying that the girl is not using the gun at IS fighters.

He said, “I’ve seen the footage on several Facebook pages in Kurdish. Most people are outraged at the prospect of a young girl ‘shooting.'”

“But it’s obvious from the video that this is just sensationalist and not factual … the girl in the video hasn’t really killed 400 ISIS terrorists.”


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