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‘You Speak, I Transcribe,’ Says Siri

‘You Speak, I Transcribe,’ Says Siri


‘You Speak, I Transcribe,’ Says Siri

No time to call – this has becoming an increasingly common statement as life is getting more and more hectic these days. You have a complaint, and Apple does not come out with a solution? Now that is a rare case. The need to stay connected with people has given birth to another Apple upgrade – Siri will now convert voicemails into text messages.

In the Testing Phase

Excited already? We all are! But patience is the key, as Business Insider reports say that Apple is still testing its Voice-To-Text upgrade, which will make its debut in 2016.

Will Voice-to-Text transcription work?

Business Insider has made a smart comment regarding why this upgrade is predicted to be a hit among Apple users. As per publication, people like to leave voice messages as they’re a quicker way to reach out to someone than texting. But when it comes to receiving the same message, people like to read than waste their time on listening to voice messages. If behaviors are observed, this stands true in most cases.

Let’s hear from the horse’s mouth about the upgrade

Van Baker, the lead Apple analyst, said, “Sending voicemail to Siri, which in turn would do a voice-to-text conversion, immediately means this is now digital information that can be indexed, searched and scanned. If Apple does this, I would expect them to come up with some policy statement saying data would not be stored, or it is going to raise some serious questions.”

We can’t agree with you more, Mr. Baker. With the kind of competition lingering in the industry bringing lifelong changes in the world of technology, just the knowledge of this upgrade is going to make companies run for their lives and make drastic changes either to their already existing products or launch a new range of products. They might even announce a long list of upgrades – who knows?

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