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You Can Enjoy Your Favorite Wheaties Cereal As Beer

You Can Enjoy Your Favorite Wheaties Cereal As Beer
Picture from Wheaties and Hefe Wheaties / General Mills blog


You Can Enjoy Your Favorite Wheaties Cereal As Beer

If you’re a company churning out the ever-famous Wheaties cereal everyday, will you start thinking of another genius way devoted customers can enjoy Wheaties? General Mills has, and thanks to a brand new partnership, customers (at least those 21 and older) will get to enjoy a Wheaties-inspired beer. And yes, the new beer’s name is actually HefeWheaties.

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General Mills was quick to clear up something in their recent blog entry. There’s actually no Wheaties in HefeWheaties. But there is wheat and lots of it. And that is mainly the reason why General Mills thought about going into business with HefeWheaties maker, Fulton. That and the fact that there is a lot of love going on between employees in General Mills and the beer company.

Tony Libera, who manages Wheaties’ social media account, actually told a friend about the possibility of working on a beer with Fulton. It just so happened that the friend is actually a Fulton sales representative. Things quickly started brewing from there.

One place that connects General Mills and Fulton is Minneapolis where the two companies are both from. Hence, Fulton Co-Founder Ryan Petz says that the famous cereal and Hefe Wheaties actually get raw ingredients from the place.

Specially-made Hefeweizen beer

HefeWheaties is actually Hefeweizen or a style of wheat beer from south Germany. It is usually brewed with more than 50% malted yeast. This, in turn, produces a cloudy appearance while featuring a hint of hop bitterness on the palate.

Fulton has never brewed anything like HefeWheaties before. The craft brewery is making this special beer with malted wheat, water, malted barley and hops from Germany, U.S. and Australia. Meanwhile, Fulton is also using a yeast strain that has been specifically developed for American-style wheat beers.

Fulton says HefeWheates is usually served in a traditional Weizen glass. Oh and in case you’re wondering, “Hefe” actually means yeast.

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