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Yoochun, Sadistic & Controlling? Four Women Testify To Bathroom Incident

Yoochun, Sadistic & Controlling? Four Women Testify To Bathroom Incident
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Yoochun, Sadistic & Controlling? Four Women Testify To Bathroom Incident

It’s one thing to get accused of sexual assault, but for all complainants to have the same story begs differently against Park Yoochun. According to all four women, Yoochun would not let them leave the bathroom as he become forceful about the situation. Is Park Yoochun really a different person away from the camera?

Yoochun Rape Testimonies Coincide 

Glory days may be far off from Yoochun as police completed the first round of testimonies from his alleged victims. According to their testimonies, while the ladies were working as adult entertainers, they reached their limit with Yoochun.

According to All Kpop, the ladies supposedly testified that even in the realms of the work, they had to fight against Yoochun to their “utmost abilities.” In fact, while Yoochun was attempting to subdue the ladies on separate occasions, he held the handle of the bathroom door and made sure to block them so they could not escape. Likewise, some of the victims agreed that the singer placed his hands on their shoulders to force them to sit down.

Sexual Assault Case to Proceed

Another report from Soompi said that the second woman decided to call the police after the incident happened. The officer who responded to the complaint encouraged the victim to file a complaint because there are grounds to believe she was a victim of sexual assault.

Previously, police supposedly found male DNA evidence in the underwear that one of the complainants submitted. However, it is not clear yet whether the DNA belongs to Yoochun. Nonetheless, the police made it clear that even if the victims decided to drop the sexual assault against Yoochun, the police can still pursue the investigation and the case.

Park Yoochun countered the complaints with black and false accusation. The file, however, was only directed to the first woman, because she supposedly demanded a settlement of 1 billion won (approximately $864,000) from C-JeS Entertainment before continuing with a police report.

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