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Yes, There Is A Unicorn Donut Now!

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Yes, There Is A Unicorn Donut Now!

If you happen to be craving for more unicorn inspired treats, here’s one that would make you think about rainbows.

Recently, Miami artisanal donut shop The Salty Donut has come up with its most colorful creation yet. “Here it is – the first ever rainbow donut which we’ve named ‘The Unicorn Donut’, because they told us it was impossible,” the donut shop said.

The Salty Donut’s The Unicorn Donut has a rainbow of colors. It is made with the shop’s 24-hour hand layered rainbow brioche. The moment the donut is cooked, it gets injected with their homemade citrus marshmallow fluff. Meanwhile, the entire donut also gets covered in The Salty Donut’s vanilla bean glaze. Afterward, it is finished off with several pieces of marshmallow crisps that are as colorful as the donut itself. Before they adorn the donut, however, these little crunchy morsels still get dusted with 24k edible gold. How’s that for indulgent? “We really wanted to make a statement with this doughnut in every way,” The Salty Donut owner Amada Pizarro told the Miami New Times.

In case you’re wondering, The Salty Donut didn’t actually just come up with The Unicorn Donut just because they wanted to. In fact, they had charity in mind when they decided to offer this colorful donut to this customers. “The doughnut itself is just so crazy, and we want the donation to be just as impactful,” Pizarro explained.

The Unicorn Donut is for charity.

With every sale of The Unicorn Donut, proceeds will reportedly be donated to Style Saves. Style Saves is a non profit organization that aims to provide underprivileged students with various things that they need for school. These include school supplies, school uniforms, accessories and even shoes. What Style Saves does uniquely though is that raises money for its cause through fashion. In fact, its usual fundraising activities include fashion and other social events. This time, Style Saves is hoping a glamorous unicorn donut can help them help more students. According to The Salty Donut, they are also more than happy to use The Unicorn Donut to support Project Prom. Each donut sells for $10.

If you want to get your Unicorn Donut fix, better to do it soon. According to The Salty Donut, the Unicorn Donut will only be around for two weeks starting April 21. After that, it will just be in your dreams.

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