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Yelp Adds Video Reviews into Its Features

Yelp Adds Video Reviews into Its Features


Yelp Adds Video Reviews into Its Features

Yelp Adds Video Reviews into Its FeaturesHere’s good news to those who are passionate about using the app Yelp. The social review Website has recently confirmed reports that it plans to add a video feature into its popular app. This new added feature, once rolled out, would upload video clips from users. Videos may have a duration of three to 12 seconds.

This new feature is obviously designed to help Yelp users and reviewers to convey more messages more effectively. It is expected that through the video clips, the atmosphere of any business can be easily and quickly conveyed. If plans would push through, the new video service would first be used by ‘elite’ users of Yelp early next month. It would eventually be rolled out to be used by all other Yelp users.

Better Yelp experience 

In a statement, Madhu Prabaker, the mobile product manager of Yelp said the video clip feature would be a reward for many businesses. It can be because the feature will capture great lengths in achieving specific and targeted ambiance, whether by having the right lighting or playing the right music to create a more conducive business atmosphere.

When the feature is fully rolled out in the app, users will simply find a new option. That will facilitate recording of video, which in turn can be added to the written review posted through the mobile device. The 12-second video should be recorded in the app. After that, a cover photo will be selected and a caption can be posted before the review, the photo, and video are posted online.

As users continue to use the new feature, those videos that are classified as the most highly rated will be placed to the top of the video and photo feed. This process can be automatic and can resemble the dynamic of optimization in search engines.

Keeping up with competition

This new feature from Yelp comes at time when its competitor, rival reviewer Foursquare prepares to launch major changes in its own services. Foursquare has recently divided its own services into two.

The first is the main Foursquare app that is designated for places to go to. The newly created spinoff that is called Swarm is intended for checking in to venues and in keeping up with users’ friends and contacts. Meanwhile, Yelp’s new video feature would be available to its users really soon.

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