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Yellowstone Eruption Could Happen Soon As UFOs Seen Hovering In Video – Report

Yellowstone Eruption Could Happen Soon As UFOs Seen Hovering In Video – Report


Yellowstone Eruption Could Happen Soon As UFOs Seen Hovering In Video – Report

Over the past months, Yellowstone’s imminent massive eruption has been lingering all over the news, drawing fear among residents around the volcano’s danger zone.

Just recently, a group of alien hunters claimed they spotted a UFO or an unidentified flying object hovering over the majestic volcano in a video uploaded on YouTube, the Mirror reported.

A YouTube user named Kat Martin2016 claimed in the video that the clip only proves that aliens are continuously monitoring the volcano. In the video, a whitish circular object was seen flying over the volcano. The video was reportedly taken from an elk reserve area in Wyoming, where a large area of the 3,500 square mile Yellowstone National Park, is situated.

The murky image was seen hovering over the area of the volcano. In a disclaimer, the video owner admitted that she only posted the video to see whether alien hunters would validate that the video is proof of aliens’ existence.

Alien hunters claim that the presence of UFOs could indicate that the supervolcano would soon erupt. As previously reported by Morning News USA, a team of researchers from University of Leicester claims on a study that the last major eruption of Yellowstone happened some 70,000 years ago.

The researchers claimed that these massive super explosions were responsible for the current geography of the volcano, which extends to thousands of square miles. Although it has already been proven that there were several massive eruptions recorded in Yellowstone’s history, especially during its “adolescence” stage, scientists believe that the volcano is now losing strength.

If the Yellowstone would erupt in the present days, experts estimated that the volcano could spew ashes all the way to New York, the Seeker reported. But studies on the volcano indicate that a major eruption is highly unlikely, at least in the near future.

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