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Year in Review: Twitter’s Most Re-Tweeted Posts in 2013

Year in Review: Twitter’s Most Re-Tweeted Posts in 2013


Year in Review: Twitter’s Most Re-Tweeted Posts in 2013

Twitter Most Re-Tweeted Posts in 2013Twitter has become a popular outlet where people ventilate their emotions over issues that affect them. As breaking news happens, we could expect an influx of tweets pouring in about those. Numerous Internet users now flock to the microblogging site to post opinions and get fresh news as it happens.

This year, the most interesting news from around the world was talked about in Twitter. From US President Barack Obama’s inauguration to the Boston Marathon bombings and to the recent demise of former South African President Nelson Mandela, you surely have come across tweets related to the hottest issues of the times.

As 2013 comes nearer to its close, it is just appropriate for Twitter to give us ideas about what topics were the most talked about in the past year. We certainly are interested to know which subjects were re-tweeted the most number of times from the network’s over 230 million currently active users.

Controversial deaths

Interestingly, the most popular issues this year that were much talked about in Twitter were about deaths. The top on the list is the tweet of the lead actress in the TV show ‘Glee.’ Lea Michele ‘s tweet that was the first public acknowledgement of screen partner Cory Monteith’s death is so far the most re-tweeted message this year.

It was posted last July 29. Since then, it has been re-tweeted over 408,000 times by Twitter users from across 133 countries around the world. This was quite logical as thousands of fans went online to mourn over the tragic loss.

Another popular re-tweet was from the staff of actor Paul Walker. The celebrity recently had a shocking death that at first circulated like a typical rumor online until there was a serious and credible confirmation of the demise. The controversial tweet was re-tweeted for more than 400,360 times.

Lighter note

Twitter is not all about tragedies. Most of the time, users rave about the non-sense tweets of popular celebrities. Proof to this is the third most re-tweeted message in 2013.

It came from Niall Horan, a member of contemporary boy band One Direction. He used the Website to share his excitement to followers over his upcoming birthday. The singer shouted his anticipation of turning 20 years old. The message was posted on September 12. Other than these, most other popular re-tweets in the year were of lighter and sometimes politically serious tones.

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