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Yahoo’s Aviate Home Screen App Adds New Music Feature

Yahoo’s Aviate Home Screen App Adds New Music Feature


Yahoo’s Aviate Home Screen App Adds New Music Feature

Yahoo Inc’s Aviate Home Screen just keeps better. The third-party home screen interface has just launched a new feature, which it added to further boost user experience in Aviate. It is dubbed as the ‘Listening Space.’

The new user interface is specifically for establishing connection to and taking control of the music player. The new feature has widget and icons that would be effective in controlling all the music apps present in a user’s device. It can also find information about currently playing artist like upcoming concerts and top tracks.

Listening Space is one of the unique features that are inherent to Aviate Home Screen. It was obviously created to recognize the fact that the home screen interface would not always be functioning right. Obviously, it would allow users to hop between various Spaces at the same time. It facilitates manual editing of the content every time the player gets things wrong.

What’s more? Listening Space is another free app. It is currently in the semi-closed beta state. Any user could obtain an invite code from any other user to get access to it. Users could also try using the limited time code ‘MUSIC’ to be able to register.

Yahoo’s home screen interface

Android Home Screens now get more attention as major technology firms especially in mobile build home screen  interfaces for users. Google Inc is currently developing its Google Now Launcher, while Facebook made a lackluster attempt when it launched Facebook Home.

As expected, Yahoo made sure it gets presence in this category. But it did not bother to start from scratch, like the others do. Known for getting into the acquisition spree, the company bought Aviate, which is among the most innovative and promising third-party launchers in the market today.

Standing out

The app is currently off to a good start. Yahoo has released a major update of the home screen interface, which is now available for download at Google Play store.

What sets Aviate apart from the rest is the very clean user interface that is a major departure from the typical Android Look. The main screen comes with favorites and several widgets. There is also a page of app collections that is auto categorized by Aviate itself. There is even an entire list of features in the app. Thus, for some users, Aviate now appears and functions just like Google Now for users’ home screen.  

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