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Yahoo tapping Yelp to improve its search engine results

Yahoo tapping Yelp to improve its search engine results


Yahoo tapping Yelp to improve its search engine results

Yahoo tapping Yelp to improve its search engine resultsThe tech giant Yahoo has been reportedly in a partnership agreement with Yelp to boost its search engine. Will Yelp help? We can’t predict this exactly, but doesn’t it seems odd that Yahoo tapping Yelp? It seems great minds at Yahoo are getting frustrated with the aging out of their search engine, which never got into mainstream at first place.

Yelp is also an American company that works an ‘online urban guide’. It was found in 2004 and has been successful in providing its services to Canada, Australia, New Zealand and part of Europe. Google had offered to buy this company in 2009 but they were successful in reaching the agreement.

Although new sources have found that roughly 700 million people visit this website every month, and more than half a billion of consumers visits this website in more than 30 languages. But yahoo wants the best therefore; Yahoo search engine will combine Yelp’s listing and reviews and the plan will be implemented in coming week according to the newspaper.

It was found in 1994 and has completed 21 years in January. In July 2012 a former Google executive Marissa Mayer, was titled as Yahoo CEO and President. She had accidentally revealed this exciting news at a meeting on Friday.

The conditions of the deals, costs and how will it affect the users have not been revealed and yahoo has refused to answer publicly on this matter for time being.

Yahoo is trying its best to compete with its rival Google and was a bit successful in 2013 by increasing its search ad revenue from 8% to 461 million and the reason for this step of competing with Google is still unrevealed.

According to the reporters this agreement is very much alike to existing partnership of Microsoft and Apple.

But the question arises will yahoo’s agreeable partnership with Yelp will give yahoo high demand or will yahoo be unsuccessful in competing with its rival.

It is said that Yahoo was having interest in Yelp long time ago or was yahoo interested in preventing its competitor to buy yelp? As Google had made an attempt in 2009 to buy yelp although it had offered $550 million, according to the reports yahoo has pounced yelp in $750 million.

As reported yelp’s management had said that they were not desired in working with yahoo, but Yelp’s board of director could not sign off with google knowing that they had a larger offer on the table! At the end Yelp continues on its own, although there are rumors that yahoo might break up and go on for another offer.

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