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Yahoo To Shut Down Products In ‘Streamlining and/or Simplifying’ Bid

Yahoo To Shut Down Products In ‘Streamlining and/or Simplifying’ Bid
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Yahoo To Shut Down Products In ‘Streamlining and/or Simplifying’ Bid

The past few years has been rough for some tech companies big or small. As technology evolve, additional startups join the competition. Some have managed to stay on top, while some are struggling to bring back its heyday – one of which is Yahoo. The tech company has plans to continue. It might have the best solution.

The company has made an announcement through its Tumblr account with a post written by Chief Architect Amotz Maimon saying that during the company’s last earnings call, they have made “a plan for simplifying the business and focusing on our strengths across seven core consumer products: Mail, Search, Tumblr, News, Sports, Finance and Lifestyle. Over 1 billion people come to Yahoo each day, and we are dedicated to providing them with the best experience possible.”

And after a “careful evaluation,” the American firm has come up with changes to certain products that it has. Certain products that are affected are Games, Livetext, Regional Media Properties and Boss.

The company’s Games site and publishing channel will be discontinued by Friday, May 13 this year, while Livetext will be shut down by the end of this Month. Additionally, learnings and features the company has from Livetext might make an appearance at other products or services of the tech firm in the near future, as there are plans to integrate these useful developments there.

Meanwhile, with Regional Media Properties, the internet company has decided to shut down some of its regional and genre-specific products in order to streamline its editorial offering to focus on four core content areas, which are News, Sports, Finance and Lifestyle.

This also means that Yahoo Astrology in France, Germany, India, Spain and the UK will close. On the other hand, Yahoo Maktoob’s (Arabic and English) genre-specific media sites which includes News, Celebrity, Movies, Style, Helwa, Sports and Weather will also be closed and all the pages will be redirected to the Yahoo Maktoob homepages in Arabic and English instead.

The search engine company’s BOSS section will be streamlined and products will be simplified for its developer community. BOSS JSON Search API, BOSS Hosted Search, BOSS Placefinder and Placespotter APIs will also be discontinued by the end of this month.

Instead, the company is offering a new JavaScript solution YPA for publishers who manages their own search engine results pages. The company is also offering mobile developers its Mobile Developer Suite instead.

The move, according to Digital Trends, follows the company’s recent announcement to remove 15% of its 11,000 workforce and shutter some of its online magazines. The same report also recalls that last year, the internet firm has also axed its Screen and Maps products.

USA Today adds that Yahoo is preparing to board battle with shareholders over the pressure of selling its core internet business and retain a stake in the Chinese tech giant Alibaba, where it currently owns 15% stake. The firm has plans to spin off that stake before pulling back for fears of huge tax hits.

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