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Yahoo Resumes Buying Spree; Purchases iOS App ‘Ptch’

Yahoo Resumes Buying Spree; Purchases iOS App ‘Ptch’


Yahoo Resumes Buying Spree; Purchases iOS App ‘Ptch’

Yahoo Purchases PtchThe year 2013 has been a busy year for Yahoo Inc. That is because the technology firm has acquired a number of smaller companies throughout the year. But don’t count the buying spree over yet. This week, the company has already bought two businesses.

After buying Sky Phrase, a natural language processing startup last Monday (December 2), the company has now purchased iOS app Ptch. The new acquisition was developed and launched by DreamWorks Animation in July 2012. The app offers mobile moviemakers with a platform to create projects through utilizing photos, videos, and music files that are stored on social media and mobile phone storage.

Ptch features graphics, fonts, and Instagram-like filters on top of over 100 hit songs. It was designed to make it easier to share beautiful videos more quickly and effectively. It can even be used to create instant movies for office holiday and other parties by using numerous Instagram photos.

Goodbye for now

The transaction may bring about a sudden bad news to current Ptch users. That is because Yahoo would pull the plug on the app on January 2. This means that after the date, Ptch would not be available for downloading anymore.

In a blog post circulated last Tuesday, the Ptch team thanked its users for their support throughout the app’s lifespan. It mentioned that the app would cease to exist soon but it would be eventually integrated into an unspecified Yahoo platform.

Active buyer

For several times this year, Yahoo has acquired a number of businesses and integrated their features into its own services. It seems like a good year for the company to take its shopping cart and scout the market for whatever business it may likely acquire and call its own.

Among the previous conquests of the Internet company are news app Summly, image-recognition business IQ Engines, photo-editor GhostBird, inbox manager Xobni, e-commerce Website Lexity, social browser Rockmelt, and conference calling service provider Rondee. These came on top of its biggest acquisition so far this year, the blogging platform Tumblr, which it bought for $1.1 billion.

Last September, Yahoo revealed that its acquisitions had already paid off. That month, it reported reaching over 800 million active users who get into the site each month. That was an important milestone because it translated to a 20% rise in online users since July 2012, when new CEO Marissa Mayer assumed her position.

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