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Yahoo Reportedly Plans to Launch Its Own version of YouTube

Yahoo Reportedly Plans to Launch Its Own version of YouTube


Yahoo Reportedly Plans to Launch Its Own version of YouTube

Yahoo might have already realized that it is missing out a lot of opportunities by not having a video sharing service of its own. That is why there are logical speculations that the technology firm is now aiming to launch its own version of Google’s YouTube.

There are reports that the company is currently planning to roll out its own online video platform in the coming few weeks. Well-placed sources claimed that the still unnamed service would be different compared to most other video sharing Websites today, particularly YouTube.

First, the reported Yahoo video streaming service would feature content that is to be hand-selected by the company itself. Thus, it won’t be an open and free platform for just about anyone who wants to upload and share videos. Initially, Yahoo would just choose popular and eye-opening content produced by popular and eye-opening video creators or publishers.

Yahoo’s own video platform

Other sources said that Yahoo might eventually open the soon-to-be-launched video platform to a broader range of video producers. It might take a year or longer for the company to start doing that.

Moreover, Yahoo could even develop its very own content management system (CMS) the moment it welcomes more users into its proposed platform. Whatever the definite plan would be, one thing is for sure: Yahoo would make the video platform as interesting and as useful as all other video sharing sites we have today. For sure, there is room for one more.

Additional perks

But then again, there are added rumors that instead of developing and launching its own video streaming service, Yahoo might instead opt to buy an existing one, which is a strategy associated to its current CEO Marissa Mayer. Some sources claim that it could be Vimeo that is an obviously viable candidate for this transaction.

Yahoo has reportedly started enticing several video streaming services to convince them to get into the new video initiative. According to speculations, the company has already promised some of its targets with better ad revenue schemes, stronger marketing, and guaranteed ad rates.

It can also be recalled that for some time now, Yahoo has been trying its best to acquire the French video service Dailymotion. The company started wooing the Dailymotion by offering $300 million to buy a 75% stake in the Website. In a statement released recently, Dailymotion said it is far from its intentions to exaggerate and sell its French success story to a US firm.

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