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Yahoo Mail Resets Passwords of Some Users after Hacking Attack

Yahoo Mail Resets Passwords of Some Users after Hacking Attack


Yahoo Mail Resets Passwords of Some Users after Hacking Attack

Don’t be surprised if you receive an SMS from Yahoo Mail asking you to reset your password. The Webmail service is undertaking measures to effectively block attacks on its system. You may also receive an email notification in your other email accounts informing you to do so.

Yahoo has discovered what it calls as a ‘coordinated effort’ to possibly gain access to a number of Yahoo Mail accounts. This may mean that some accounts have already been compromised. Thus, it has decided to reset passwords of possibly compromised users.

The technology firm thinks that attackers used third-party database information to launch the attacks. The hackers must have used usernames and corresponding passwords from other sources. In fact, Yahoo said it doesn’t hold evidence that will prove that the information used to hack accounts came directly from its systems.

Uncovering attack

Based on the company’s probes, malicious software was used to obtain the list of usernames and their passwords. The information was then used to access Yahoo Mail accounts without proper authorization. Furthermore, the data sought in the attacks seem to be usernames and email addresses coming from affected users’ most recently sent e-mails.

Consequently, Yahoo Mail was forced to reset the passwords of those compromised accounts. It said it has also activated second sign-in verification process to force those users to properly validate their email accounts.

Thus, affected users are now prompted to modify their passwords. But Yahoo clarified that this action does not apply to all Yahoo Mail users. It said that only affected users will receive advice to reset their passwords and validate their accounts.

General advice

As a precautionary advice, Yahoo also reminded all email users never to use similar passwords on numerous Web services. It reiterated that such a common practice could make anyone particularly vulnerable to such types of attacks.

It assured that effective security measures are not put in place to possibly block attacks that may be aimed at its systems. In the end, the company said it regrets that this incidence has happened. It now assures its users that it is taking security of data ‘very seriously.’

The attacks came following recent high-profile breaches of several popular retailers, including Neiman Marcus, Target, and Michaels. Last week, Yahoo Mail apologized for somehow ‘mocking’ on the recent outage of competitor Google Mail, which lasted several minutes.   

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