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Yahoo Mail Gets a Fresh Revamp as It Turns 16 Years Old

Yahoo Mail Gets a Fresh Revamp as It Turns 16 Years Old


Yahoo Mail Gets a Fresh Revamp as It Turns 16 Years Old

Yahoo Mail Gets a Fresh Revamp as It Turns 16 Years OldAs Yahoo Mail turns 16 years old, it gets a fresher look, feel, and functionality. For its parent company, Yahoo Inc, making the free Webmail service more intuitive and elegant is the perfect gift for all its loyal service users. Interestingly, the new Yahoo Mail is not just available on desktop. It is also applied on its iOS and Android versions.

In a statement, senior vice president of communication products Jeffrey Bonforte said the redesign of Yahoo Mail makes the service more effective aside from making it more stylish. He reiterated that with the new interface, common functions like searching, deleting, and putting stars could be completed with just a click. Productivity could be further unraveled just by collapsing the toolbar at the left side of the inbox.

Special and premium features

It also seems like the company is giving out party favors through providing special features for free especially those that used to be exclusive for customers using the premium Yahoo Mail Plus service. Thus, users could now enjoy without any cost enhanced filters, disposable email addresses, and automatic message forwarding. The storage is also expanded to reach 1TB.

It also seems that the new Yahoo Mail is replicating Google’s playbook. That is because the service’s new ‘conversations’ sort or group emails in strategic threads that facilitate faster and more convenient viewing of the whole exchange.

Impressive themes

What’s more? Yahoo Mail did not miss on improving its themes. It now features visually impressive backgrounds that could be based on users’ Flickr photos and other resources. It is now possible to select any photo as theme online or though mobile libraries so it could be applied on Yahoo Mail across all portals or devices.

The revamp of Yahoo Mail comes about four months following the elimination of the Yahoo Mail Classic. Yahoo decided to roll out a new Webmail version so it could catch up on the technologies used by rival services, particularly those inherent on the more popular Gmail.

The new Yahoo Mail features for desktop could now be experienced by users in the US, the UK, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the Philippines, India, South Africa, and Malaysia. The new service would also be rolled out in other languages and in more countries soon. Meanwhile the new Yahoo Mail mobile is now available internationally on devices running on Windows Phone, Android, and iOS.

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