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Yahoo Mail for Android Adds More Features

Yahoo Mail for Android Adds More Features


Yahoo Mail for Android Adds More Features

Yahoo Mail for Android Adds More FeaturesYahoo Inc has announced changes to Yahoo Mail app for Android. The latest iteration would make the app in line with its recently rolled out iOS version. Logically, the goal is still to further improve user experience when using Yahoo Mail on mobile.

In a blog post, Andrew Molyneux, Yahoo Mail’s senior product manager, said Yahoo Mail for Android is bringing new experience to users. He reminded that just a few weeks ago, they launched an improved Yahoo Mail for iOS, which was designed to make more information accessible through the fingertips.

He said that aside from frequently checking email, most iPhone users spend more time using the app—browsing latest news, videos, sports, and more. Thus, the same goal applies to Yahoo Mail for Android.

Mr. Molyneux emphasized that the new app iteration is still a single-tap access to real-time and personalized news and information. He advised Yahoo Mail for Android users to check their email, read the latest news, perform searches, view forecasts, watch videos, catch up on their favorite sports, and browse Flickr in just one place.

Interesting changes on the app

The latest changes on Yahoo mail app brings users right to their Yahoo Mail inbox the moment the app is loaded up. There are three small icons found at the screen’s upper right corner. Those represent the inbox, news stream, and Yahoo Today.

For those who are not familiar with Yahoo Today, it is a feature that quickly summarizes the data that users might be mostly interested in. The information may be about sports scores, news headlines, weather, and a number of the most popular images and videos on the Web.

Setting the difference from the iOS version

To set a difference with its iOS version, Yahoo Mail made it much easier to switch between different screens within the app. Thus, Android users enjoy the convenience of swiping their fingers horizontally across their Android devices. This way, switching between the three screens of the app is facilitated.

The new Yahoo Mail app for Android is now available as download in the Google Play Store. However, it clarified that if the features are not yet accessible today, it might still take a few days before Yahoo news and Yahoo today are finally integrated into the new user experience. But those would surely and definitely come.  

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