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Yahoo Mail Finally Secures Itself by Turning on HTTPS on Default

Yahoo Mail Finally Secures Itself by Turning on HTTPS on Default


Yahoo Mail Finally Secures Itself by Turning on HTTPS on Default

Yahoo Mail Finally SecuresThere’s good news to users of Yahoo Mail. Yahoo Inc has announced that security features of the free Webmail service has been increased to ensure overall protection and security of users. This may mean that the mail service could now avoid disruptions due to possible attacks.

The email service said it has already turned on HTTPS or secure hypertext transfer protocol as its default. This was confirmed by Jeff Bonforte, Yahoo SVP of communications products. He said this initiative was in line with Yahoo’s promise posted in October that it would uphold and security and online safety of its users.

Bonforte said Yahoo Mail is committed to keep the users safe as well as secured online. The service is now encrypting connections automatically between its systems and its users. He reiterated that security remains as the key focus for Yahoo Mail.

New in the service

The service promises to continue enhancing its security technology and also its policies. The goal is to facilitate safer and more secure overall experience for all its users.

Yahoo Mail would be fully encrypted by default. Thus, it would always be protected whether users access it through the Web, mobile apps, IMAP, or mobile Web. It would also support users using SMTP and POP.

What are the other security measures to back the initiative? Yahoo Mail emphasized that it has many other safety measures. Among those is protection along with 2,048 bits of certificates. It extends to attachments, emails, contacts, and even Calendar and Messenger.

CEO’s assurance

Yahoo chief executive officer Marissa Mayer also mentioned the improvement of Yahoo Mail during the recent keynote moment of Yahoo in the recent Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas. This is actually one of the many good news that the popular leader has revealed and expounded on in the event.

It could be noted that Yahoo Mail was heavily criticized sometime last December. That was after the sustained outage of the Webmail service took place and lasted several days. Even Mayer back then stepped forward to apologize for what she called as ‘unacceptable’ when it comes to security issues.

The automatic switching on of HTTPS comes exactly a year following the complete roll out of the SSL encryption feature for the company. It could be safe to expect that many families using the mail service would eventually see and feel the huge difference on price tags.

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