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Yahoo Mail Faces Privacy Complaints from New Users of Recycled Email Addresses

Yahoo Mail Faces Privacy Complaints from New Users of Recycled Email Addresses


Yahoo Mail Faces Privacy Complaints from New Users of Recycled Email Addresses

Yahoo Mail Faces Privacy ComplaintsYahoo Inc is addressing complaints from some users of its Yahoo Mail who claim that they are receiving personal messages that are obviously intended to other users. The Internet firm is facing alleged consequences of its previous decision to recycle a number of inactive email addresses, which had been abandoned by former users.

According to several analysts, this problem came unsurprisingly. That is because many contacts could still tend to send email messages to those inactive and abandoned email addresses after some time. It could be difficult, if not impossible, to advise all contacts of those abandoned email accounts that the address is being assigned to a new user.

Reassigning old emails to new users

The company decided to recycle old Yahoo usernames to new users early this year. Yahoo intended to scrap old email IDs that have not been used or even opened for over 12 months. It obviously believed that those account names could still be used by other people.

To initiate this process, users were advised to fill out a questionnaire where they should provide five potential names they prefer to take. Yahoo would then give information if any of those options are still available or are up to recycling. New users are given 48 hours to make a claim to any of those available email IDs.

Before it rolled out the reassignment effort, Yahoo had assured its users that it would work with e-commerce and social media Websites to provide them update about changes in ownership of specific usernames. This is to prevent the possibility of messing up information about present and past owners of those Yahoo IDs.

Unsurprising complaints

Prior to recycling those inactive accounts, Yahoo even tried to reach those original account owners to notify them about the policy. It advised them to log in to their account to prevent their username from being recycled. Those who did not respond to those advisories had lost their old Yahoo mail usernames.

Several new users of those recycled Yahoo email accounts have complained that they had received a number of Facebook notifications, marketing newsletters, and digital receipts of purchases made by the former holders of those usernames. The company has assured them that it would take necessary measures to address this problem.

Yahoo would also roll out a new system for the benefit of those affected users. They would be enabled to flag email messages that they think are not intended particularly for them.

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