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Yahoo Inc’s Flickr Turns 10

Yahoo Inc’s Flickr Turns 10


Yahoo Inc’s Flickr Turns 10

A few weeks ago, Facebook braced the headlines when it turned 10 years old. It should move over now because another social media Website is turning double digits. February 10 is the 10th anniversary of Flickr.

Yahoo Inc launched the photo-sharing site on February 10, 2004. After a decade, the online site now has about 2 million groups. It is also estimated that its current users share about a million pictures through the network each day.

Stewart Butterfield, co-founder of Flickr, said he is so excited to celebrate the birthday of the Website. In a blog post, Butterfield could not help but turn nostalgic and relate how it was to establish the Website 10 years ago. He said that when they were developing Flickr, they did not expect it to create a great impact to the world in the way it does now. He could not be any prouder about how the site has become and what are in stored for it in the future.

Flickr’s own milestones

Flickr has been boasting of being the very first significant community over the Internet for storage, organization, tagging, and sharing of digital photographs. It noted that before it was established, there was no way to effectively and quickly share your photos with your family, friends and the wider public online.

Obviously, the online site has to strive harder for it to remain significant these days. That is because it is logically facing intense competition from a number of newer photo-sharing services that are operating across the Web. More new apps with the same functions are also hitting the market.

Changes at Flickr

Changes are inevitable at Flickr, although it has not yet announced any major change to be expected in the coming months. Under the leadership of Yahoo Inc CEO Marissa Mayer, Flickr already had major modifications particularly last May when it rolled out a major Website redesign.

It was noted that the Website ditched its older interface to accommodate photos that now fill the screen. It even increased free storage capacity of its users to a limit of a whopping 1TB for each user. Logically, Flickr is also focusing more on its apps. It has launched a new version of itself for Android devices and it has instituted updates for iOS users.

Just like Facebook when it turned 10, Flickr has also set aside plans for grandiose and extravagant celebrations. But the Website is not launching an app or program just like the ‘look back’ videos in Facebook. 

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