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Yahoo Inc Acquires Online Customization Tool Vizify

Yahoo Inc Acquires Online Customization Tool Vizify


Yahoo Inc Acquires Online Customization Tool Vizify

Yahoo Inc has again picked up another company. This time, its buying mode paved the way for it to buy Vizify, an online customization tool. The two companies have been in discussions about the possibility of a buyout transaction since summer.

Not surprisingly, Yahoo made sure the deal would have its new acquisition be shut down for its current operations. Thus, Vizify would stop accepting new signups or purchases within its Website for new paid plans.

In line with that, Vizify would also refund existing plan holders and provide instructions to owners of registered domains or customized bios about how to regain their domains or obtain a snapshot of their current bios, which in turn would be available only until September 1 this year.

Can’t say ‘no’ to Yahoo

Vizify issued a statement about the agreement. It said its goal has always been to transform data that could be consumed and created every day into something that would be more personal and beautiful. It reiterated that it has been how it is doing things through graphical videos, infographic cards, and bios.

The data visualization site also disclosed that when it started talks with Yahoo, it had always reiterated the need to uphold ways to take the more visual approach to information that can continue to inspire and entertain at the same time.

It said as the conversations for the transaction progressed, both parties realized that the partnership would facilitate sharing of their passion for user design, experience, and visualization of information. Vizify also related how it had been hard for it to skip the opportunity to possibly bring its vision to hundreds of millions of online users who use Yahoo on a daily basis.

Establishing name through the years

It can be recalled that Vizify initially made it to the headlines in 2012 after it teamed up with microblogging site Twitter for an annual year-end review. That alliance allowed users to obtain visualization of their entire year on the Website.

Just last year, Vizify launched Vizcards to enable users to tell more about their selves online. The service brings about bite-sized infographics about the users, who may want to express their experiences about their first dates, their favorite coffee shops, or just about any other interest.

In September, Vizify Connections was rolled out to enable users to create animated and interactive graphic on Twitter. The service includes people in users’ inner circle, frequently tweeted topics, and evolution of users’ relationship with Vizify through the years.

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