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Yahoo and Google Work Together for SecureMail

Yahoo and Google Work Together for SecureMail


Yahoo and Google Work Together for SecureMail

Yahoo and Google Work Together for SecureMailYahoo and Google are trying to prove that they can set aside competition when there is a need to collaborate for the greater good of everyone. The rival tech firms are set to work together to bolster email encryption services covering all their users.

The goal of this team up is reportedly to make so-called end-to-end encryption available fully by 2015. The two firms are reportedly working closely together to make sure their respective implementations will be entirely compatible.

Once up, the combined secure email system would make it almost impossible for any hacker to read users’ email messages. It is also set to make it impossible for governments as well as Google and Yahoo their selves to access mail users’ accounts and messages.

Yahoo confirms

This report was confirmed by Yahoo in the past week during the Black Hat security convention, which was held in Las Vegas, Nevada. The bipartisan idea was even presented by the tech firm to the delegates. As of press time, Google is yet to make any comment about this development.

The company said it would release a source code in the coming fall to enable the open source community to provide their inputs in refining online messaging security. Yahoo said it also expects help from other users regarding its hunt for bugs.

Call for greater security 

Clamor for encrypted communication has risen after the Snowden controversy. The former government intelligence agent, who is now at large and is at an asylum in another country, has revealed that the government some tech firms have been allegedly accessing email data of users for national security purposes.

Last March, Google already bolstered its own email security through its full adoption of the HTTPS Gmail connection. It is always on to provide greater overall protection to all Gmail users anytime of the day.

Recently, Google has also rolled out another security tool called the End-to-End Chrome add-on. It promises to keep its users’ information or data safer all the time from any party that may attempt to spy. As part of this effort, Google has announced an incentive to all websites that will migrate to HTTPS. It said it would give extra points to such online sites so those would enjoy better and higher  search engine results ranking.

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