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Xiaomi Unveils New MIUI 6, Looks a Lot Like iOS

Xiaomi Unveils New MIUI 6, Looks a Lot Like iOS


Xiaomi Unveils New MIUI 6, Looks a Lot Like iOS

Xiaomi Unveils New MIUI 6, Looks a Lot Like iOSXiaomi, Chinese fastest rising device manufacturer, has just revealed the latest version of its own Android-based UI – MIUI 6 – but instead of looking like an interface rooted in Android it looks a lot more like Apple’s iOS.

MIUI 6 features a lot of elements that are very similar, if not exactly the same, as Apple’s iOS 7 and 8 including the flat rounded square icons, a general flat look, and bright colors. This doesn’t mean that the MIUI 6 directly copied these elements from Apple as even Xiaomi’s older MIUI 5 already had some of these elements long before Apple came out with iOS 7.

The new user interface is also bringing some functional changes with it including the removal of the app drawer so all the user’s apps will be available on the home screen. The developers have also improved some of the core apps and features including the calendar and mail apps as well as call identification from unknown numbers which will help users avoid marketing, fraudulent and sales-related calls, gesture support for large screen devices, batch organization of home screen icons, an improved notification shade, and a revamped notification center.

The new notification shade on MIUI 6 will feature toggles for controlling music and other things. The revamped notifications center will also now display small floating pop-up notifications for things like new messages, missed calls, reminders, app notices, and more to avoid interrupting or interfering with what the user is currently doing. These notifications will be interactive so users can easily respond to them with a single tap to open apps or make or answer calls.

MIUI 6 will also bring new security features including more power-saving modes, a new Permissions feature, a built-in Virus Scanner, and pre-installed security apps such as Clean Master. Like the MIUI 5, the MIUI 6’s features, apps, and services work with Xiaomi’s Mi Cloud online service but users will now have the first choice of opting-in to the online service. By default, the Mi Cloud online service feature will be turned off.

According to Liliputing, MIUI 6 is now available to a selected group of beta testers but will eventually be available to everyone with one of Xiaomi’s recent devices including the Mi 3 and Mi 4.

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