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Xiaomi To Penetrate Apple’s Turf In Months To Come

Xiaomi To Penetrate Apple’s Turf In Months To Come
Xiaomi logo sign Jon Russell / Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0


Xiaomi To Penetrate Apple’s Turf In Months To Come

Xiaomi will be launching its online marketplace in the United States, the, in the coming months.

While the company will not be bringing its smartphones just yet, it will sell its flagship accessories such as the Mi Band wearables, Power Bank, headphones and other smartphones accessories.

Xiaomi Power Bank Image by Jon Russel

Image from Flickr by Jon Russel

The announcement was made in San Francisco by Xiaomi’s global vice president Hugo Barra and co-founder and president Lin Bin.

The company will not be able to sell its smartphones in the US because of regulatory challenges, Barra and Bin told press as reported by Reuters.

The company will be focusing in reaching out with the American buyers through social media campaigns and eventually direct interactions with other advertising activities. “We’re keen on being in the conversation in the U.S.,” Barra said.

Xiaomi Phone by月明 端木

Image from Flickr by 月明 端木

Xiaomi was established back in 2010 by entrepreneur Lei Jun. The company was founded with the philosophy that high-quality technology does not need to be expensive. The company boasts of employees that have come from Google, Kingsoft, Microsoft, Motorola, Yahoo and other technological companies from all over the world.

The company sells its products directly to the customers in order to keep the prices affordable. Also, through direct selling the company is able to incorporate customers’ feedback in the development of its future products.

Xiaomi had already sold more than 18 million handsets in China in 2013. It has also launched products in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, India and Indonesia. The company is now valued at $45 billion.

For Apple’s financial results for its fiscal 2015, the company reports sales of $16.144 billion in China, $17.2 billion in Europe, $5.4b in Japan, and $5.2 billion in the rest of Asia Pacific.

“We’re doing well in every corner of the world,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said during the conference call as reported by TechCrunch. He added that online sales in China were “more than the sum of the previous five years.”

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