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Xiaomi Mi4 Specifications Leaked

Xiaomi Mi4 Specifications Leaked


Xiaomi Mi4 Specifications Leaked

When Hugo Barra, the Android giant inside the Mountain View left Google last year, experts were hasty enough to predict that the Mountain View is going to have a tough time in finding the replacement as Barra was the one who was wriggling up the Android beads inside the development dungeons.

The mind full of geniuses and impeccable experiences with the tech giant fled straight to China to fill up the slot of Vice President of Xiaomi, the China’s best mobile company. After taking charge, Barra announced that there will be flabbergasting releases by the Chinese company and to expect something big in 2014. Here we are in 2014 and fans were going insane about the to-be-launched Xiaomi Mi4. The wait is over and most of the specifications are leaked around the web regarding Xiaomi Mi4.

Experts say that Xiaomi Mi4 will have all the potential to break the American markets. Among these experts was the Apple’s former cofounder, Steve Wozinak. Woz labelled Xiaomi Mi4 an “excellent product” that will definitely make its position in the American markets. How Woz can be wrong? His thoughts have all the weight because we have seen how Xiaomo devices are perfectly fast, great hardware, clean design and flawless software with aesthetically pleasing meshes.

According to the leaks online and AnTuTu’s benchmarks, the Xiaomi Mi4 will feature a powerful Snapdragon 800 SoC processor clocked at 2.46 GHz, 1920×1080 resolution display, a great 3GB RAM with extension support, a crispy13MP camera with an 8MP front facing camera and a 16GB of internal storage and will run on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. Amazing! Isn’t it? It seems Barra is anxious enough to take Xiaomi as the competitor of his former company. For now, Xiaomi is already said as the ‘Apple’ of China.

We have seen a constant flow of Xiaomi phones and amazing flagships from the Chinese giant starting from the magical Xiaomi price of just 1999 Yuan.

Seeing the specs of the Mi4, we can actually speculate the price, but definitely, it will be greater than the said price. The release date of Xiaomi Mi4 cannot be predicted as the leaks also tout that there will be a Xiaomi Mi3S in June this year, as the Chinese company, the Apple of China has started to adapt the flagship process of Apple. You can expect the Mi4 version from Chinese at the end of this year. Till then, hoard the money as you can expect a hefty price tag.

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