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Xiaomi Mi 5 Might Have a Windows 10 Mobile Version

Xiaomi Mi 5 Might Have a Windows 10 Mobile Version
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Xiaomi Mi 5 Might Have a Windows 10 Mobile Version

Recently, there have been reports that Xiaomi is about to release another smartphone device. Speculations are rising about the release of a Windows 10 Mobile version of their flagship phone, the Xiaomi Mi 5. The smartphone, which is yet to be announced this coming Feb. 24, has been gaining attention since the public first gained insight of its existence.

Though it has not been confirmed, the buzz around the latest news has been growing and the possibility that it might happen is not far from reality. After all, in the past, the Chinese tech company has been known to have worked together with Microsoft in building the Windows 10 Mobile ROM for Xiaomi’s Mi 4 device. The International Business Times reports that there is no major smartphone OEM having a device that runs the Windows 10 Mobile OS.

Meanwhile, WM Power reports that there are also rumors saying that the Windows Mobile Version of Xiaomi Mi 5 might be announced on the upcoming Mobile World Congress or MWC trade show. Meanwhile, the original version of the Mi 5 is expected to be unveiled by Feb. 24 and might also be previewed at the MWC 2016 event, as suggested by the teaser image released by the company.

Among these leaked images, which emerged a week ago, a photo of the retail package that the upcoming smartphone might be coming in four color variants which are blue, gold, white, and black. The Mi 5 is set to arrive with a 5.2 inch display, will be running on Snapdragon 820, and will be powered by a 3600 mAh battery. It will be featuring a 16 megapixel rear shooter and a front shooter of 13 megapixel.

It is reported by the International Business Times that it is expected that the latest flagship phone from the Chinese phone maker will be available in multiple versions. Excluding the rumored Windows 10 version, Gizmo China also reported that two editions of the said phone is said to feature a metallic chassis.

One version will be coming with a 3GB RAM and an internal storage of 32GB. The other version will have a 4GB RAM and an internal storage of 64GB. The other two versions of Xiaomi Mi 5 is said to have rear panels made up of 2.5D curved glass. Both of which will come with 4GB RAM but will differ in their internal storage size; one will have 32GB while the other will be 64GB.

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