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Xiaomi claims it sold over 15 million MI2 series phones

Xiaomi claims it sold over 15 million MI2 series phones


Xiaomi claims it sold over 15 million MI2 series phones

Xiaomi has been getting a huge boost around the globe after Hugo Barra, the Google’s Android pundit left the Mountain View and went into the Chinese company to roll out the promised, most innovative mobile phones.  As soon as Barra went to China and joined Xiaomi, the Chinese company started to be known as “Apple of China”. Last year, Xiaomi proudly announced that its famous MI2 has touched over 10 Million sales.

Yesterday, they touched media again and said that there has been a total of 15M sales of Xiaomi’s masterpiece, MI2, up from the 10M sales announced last year. Now that’s really amazing and it can now be easily predicted that Xiaomi will soon launch its solid operational office in the US.

It’s already hinted by the Xiaomi gurus that the company has enough of the profits already and they have “conquered” the Asian market. They now see the European and the first world markets as their next heaven to land on.

That’s not it folks. The Chinese giants didn’t end the press conference on this announcement. To celebrate and spill out the balloons for its fans, Xiaomi came up with an amazing announcement. Xiaomi has reduced the price of the 16GB 8-megapixel MI2s in China from CN¥1,699 ($280) to just CN¥1,299 ($210). However, the 32GB model with a 13-megapixel camera remains at the same price of CN¥1,799 ($290).

It all started after Hugo Barra left Google and joined Xiaomi as Vice President. He didn’t delay the announcement that rattled the world. Barra said that the company now has “big plans” for 2014 and we have really seen the turn of this claim into reality.

Apart from MI2, the company has recently rolled out MI4 which is much better in hardware, software and performance, having a hefty price tag though. Xiaomi phones are much faster, strikingly similar to Android in software and looks, amazingly easy to use, have graceful design and built and above all, the Chinese trademark feature, low prices.

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