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Xbox One vs PS4: Which Console Is Winning The Lifetime Sales Battle – Report

Xbox One vs PS4: Which Console Is Winning The Lifetime Sales Battle – Report
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Xbox One vs PS4: Which Console Is Winning The Lifetime Sales Battle – Report

The PS4 and the Xbox One are now the latest contenders in the battle to become the best-selling home game console. This competition between the two embodies the rivalry between Sony and Microsoft, a rivalry that has already spanned for more than a decade.

But who is leading the lifetime sales battle between the two latest gen consoles? With both competing in different markets around the world along with other companies, which console made its maker proud?

Unsurprisingly, the Japanese console takes the trophy as it has done in the past surpassing its rival by over 33 million units. Much like its predecessors the Playstation, and the PS2, the PS4 has outdone its rival in terms of lifetime sales.

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It seems the Microsoft’s latest gen console whose lifetime sales amount to less than 10 million has not been able to achieve the success of the Xbox 360. The console is the only Microsoft console that has surpassed its rival in terms of lifetime sales with a whopping 84 million units to the PS3’s 83.8 million.

According to Attack of the Fanboy, not only has Microsoft’s pride and joy failed to topple its main rival but Nintendo’s Wii U has left in paltry third in the battle of the latest gen consoles. While all three have been battling it out on different markets around the world, none of them show the discrepancy between three than Japan.

Playstation 4 Beats Xbox One In Terms Of Lifetime Sales Number

The Japanese do seem to take pride in homegrown brands, game consoles included. The Wii U and the PS4 are currently going head to head for the title of best selling console in the region. As the two battle however, it seems the the Xbox One nowhere to be seen.

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The Wii U’s sales in Japan currently amounts to 3.265 million units. This has given the veteran gaming company a much needed financial boost. However this comes short of the PS4’s 3.267 million units which has overtaken the Wii U as the best selling console in the region.

With lifetime sales of just 68,224, the Microsoft’s latest gen console has performed poorly in the Land of the Rising Sun. While the Japanese market cannot be compared to the rest of the world, the region is the best representation of the current state of console gaming.

While there are several reasons being put forth to explain the lackluster performance of the Xbox One, none of them can be used to salvage its dismal sales numbers. It seems that the victor in Microsoft’s battle with SONY in this console generation has already been decided.

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