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Xbox One Update: Why Project Scorpio Could Be The Final Console From Microsoft

Xbox One Update: Why Project Scorpio Could Be The Final Console From Microsoft
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Xbox One Update: Why Project Scorpio Could Be The Final Console From Microsoft

Bad news for Xbox One fans gamers as Microsoft announced that its upcoming Project Scorpio could be its final entry to the console market. As bizarre as it sounds the console generation is dying, at least as far as the software giant is concerned.

After what could be considered as confusing presentation at this year’s E3, the company’s position on console gaming is unclear. While they unveiled their newly upgraded console, they also announced a brand new console project.

According to Gamerant, Microsoft announced Project Scorpio just an hour after revealing the latest version of its console. This, however, did not put a dent on the console’s sales and even overtook its competition, which was considered a rare feat.

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However, this announcement does mean that console gaming will go away completely. This was made clear by Microsoft’s head of Xbox games marketing department, Aaron Greenberg.

New Age Of Console Gaming

In an interview with Engadget, Greenberg stated that it is not the end of consoles but the console generation. Microsoft hopes that Project Scorpio will carry on the Xbox name into a new age of console gaming.

This “new age” is already apparent with Microsoft working on projects such as the Xbox One S and Project Scorpio. The goal is to create a family of consoles that can play the same games at different levels of efficiency and processing power.

This will make console gaming “look a lot like PC gaming,” which has been considered by the gaming community as “the master race.” Unlike consoles, PCs can play older games without difficulty and requirements other than the game’s age.

Platforms such as Valve’s Steam Digital Distribution have taken a huge chunk of the gaming market. Many developers have opted to release games on Steam due to digital downloads making the creation of physical copies irrelevant.

Is Project Scorpio really the future for the Xbox One? We’ll let the gamers decide on the future of console gaming.

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