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Xbox One Preview, Xbox Beta App Have Cool New Social Features

Xbox One Preview, Xbox Beta App Have Cool New Social Features
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Xbox One Preview, Xbox Beta App Have Cool New Social Features

New features have been rolled out for Xbox One Preview program members. Xbox has now become more social. Read more about features here.

If you are an Xbox fan, then this news is definitely going to make you happy. An official announcement has been made about the changes the to Xbox One Preview program. The focus is on delivering a social Xbox experience. Read on for details about the features.

While announcing the introduction of new features to Xbox One Preview program, the team in the blog post wrote, “We continue to evolve the Xbox experience based on your feedback and I’m excited to announce the first of a set of new features releasing in 2016.” The post further mentioned, “This month, we’re focused on continuing to improve social features to help you stay connected to the Xbox Live community across console and PC, while bringing these experiences closer together.” What are the social features that would help you connect with friends and other games in a better way? Here they are:

Xbox One Preview updates and features

Twitch Broadcasts: If your friends decide to broadcast, you will now be able to watch them. Launching broadcasts in the Xbox One Preview has become easier with Game Tile and Game Hubs.

Suggested Friends: The latest update allows you to have a full-screen view of “Suggested Friends.” For details, either double tap on the friends suggestion or click on “See All” option. This is applicable to both, Xbox Beta App and Xbox One Preview. You will also be shown “Trending” topics in your activity feed, other than friend suggestions.

Gamerscore Leaderboard: On Gamerscore Leaderboard, you will be able to see the score of your friends, as well as compare yours with them. To view the score, go to the sign-in tab, now click on “View Achievements.” A complete list of your friends will appear here.

Updated Activity Feed: Just like Facebook, your activity feed will update you about the latest items in Xbox One Preview. Whenever there are new updates, a link will appear. Click on it to view the fresh stories.

For a complete list of updates, click here.

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