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Xbox One Games: Super Mario 64 Now Playable On Microsoft’s Latest-Gen Console

Xbox One Games: Super Mario 64 Now Playable On Microsoft’s Latest-Gen Console
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Xbox One Games: Super Mario 64 Now Playable On Microsoft’s Latest-Gen Console

Retro gaming enthusiasts can now play classic Nintendo 64 games on Xbox One. Microsoft recently unveiled an N64 emulator for its flagship console.

Dubbed as Win64e10, the app works on all Windows 10 devices. Nintendo 64 games can be played on Windows 10 PCs, smartphones, tablets and Xbox One consoles thanks to Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform.

According to Microsoft Store, Xbox One users can enjoy all the perks of Win64e10 for the cover charge of $9.99. Added features are as follows:

  • One Drive ROM/Savestates Import/Export
  • Game save/load
  • Save slots selection
  • MOGA and Xbox 360/One controller support
  • Virtual controller/Keyboard/Joystick compatible
  • Turbo mode by pressing the virtual onscreen button
  • Cheat mode
  • Continuum Mode
  • Video/Input Configuration

Xbox One users get to access a wide array of classic Nintendo 64 games, including the iconic Super Mario 64. The 3D title first released in North America on September 29, 1996.

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In a 1996 interview, Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto revealed that game developers booed one aspect of Super Mario 64. Its jumping mechanics wasn’t as smooth as what people were used to in previous 2D Super Mario games.

“In earlier Mario games, we were able to measure the number of pixels Mario could jump and know exactly what was possible,” said Miyamoto, as translated in English by Shmuplations. “But this time, we had to design the levels so that as long as your jump was ‘close enough,’ you’d make it; it was too hard for the player to judge.”

The small difference meant the world to game developers. The jumping mechanics had to be recalibrated midway through the development phase.  Miyamoto went as far as to say the changes were made when the game was almost finished.

As for what retro gaming enthusiasts can expect later this year, Express reported that a revamped Nintendo console known as the Nintendo Classic Mini will hit the market in November. It will feature 30 built-in games, but it won’t have support for internet connectivity.

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