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Xbox One Free EA Access: Live Gold Members, Get FREE Game Lineup Here

Xbox One Free EA Access: Live Gold Members, Get FREE Game Lineup Here
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Xbox One Free EA Access: Live Gold Members, Get FREE Game Lineup Here

Xbox One free EA Access: Live Gold Members can enjoy free subscription to EA games. Read on for the free game lineup you are getting this week.

Xbox Live Gold members are always given free games. They are the first, and many times, the only ones who benefit from all kinds of promotional offers. This time, it is no different. Starting January 19, Live Gold players can enjoy Xbox One free EA Access. Unfortunately, this offer is not valid for Xbox 360 players.

From January 19 until January 24, Xbox One Live Gold Members can subscribe to EA Access for free. After the given period, you can continue enjoying EA Access games on your console by paying $5 per month and $30 per year. Along with Xbox One free EA Access, Gold members will also get:

a. Upcoming EA Games: 5 days early access

b. 10% off on EA Digital Content

During the Xbox One Free EA Access period, here are the games that you can enjoy free of cost:

  1. Titanfall
  2. Battlefield 4
  3. Battlefield Hardline
  4. FIFA 14
  5. FIFA 15
  6. NBA Live 15
  7. Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare
  8. NHL 15
  9. Madden 25
  10. Madden 14
  11. Dragon Age: Inquisition
  12. EA Sports UFC
  13. Peggle 2
  14. Need for Speed: Rivals

Xbox One free EA Access: How to start playing

To start playing EA games on Xbox One, go to the Xbox One dashboard. Now from the Live Gold member area, get the EA Access app. Download this app and you are all set to start enjoying the Xbox One free EA Access promotional offer.

For more stories on free Xbox One, Xbox 360 games, keep watching this space.

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