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Xbox One Bargain Deal: Amazon, Best Buy, Microsoft Store; Slim Console Confirmed

Xbox One Bargain Deal: Amazon, Best Buy, Microsoft Store; Slim Console Confirmed
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Xbox One Bargain Deal: Amazon, Best Buy, Microsoft Store; Slim Console Confirmed

Since its release, Sony’s PlayStation 4 has dominated the console market thanks to its affordable pricing compared to Microsoft’s Xbox One. However, a recent pricing reduction has finally ended PS4’s domination. But the question arises: should we go for it?

Xbox One price to be lower than PS4 till June 13

Earlier this week, Ars Technica revealed the price reduction of Xbox One 500 GB storage bundle by $50, bringing its total to $299. The price is supposed to remain stagnant till June 13. While this seems to be the ultimate deal for a console lover, it’s highly recommended that you don’t fall for the bait.

While Microsoft has remained mum about Xbox One Scoprio, the E3 official website hasupdated a category for the conference of Xbox VR. Forbes contributor Paul Tassi also believes that Microsoft would make an announcement on Xbox One Scorpio. In other news, The Verge expects Microsoft to announce a “slim” version for Xbox One at E3.

According to Forbes, the Xbox One Slim would probably be priced at $350. Although the storage capacity could be lower than 500GB, it would still be a good deal.

All rumors point to new VR titles after the E3 announcement. The “slim” Xbox One is also assumed to be 40 percent smaller than the current version. Although Microsoft has never been subtle when it comes to pricing, it’s better to be on the safer side, rather than feel regretful after E3.

For fans who feel confused if the offer is only available at the official retail page, the prices has been updated in Amazon, Best Buy and other retail stores, according to International Business Times.

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